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Thailand is a geographically advantageous country.  It is located in the center of the region therefore the convenience of communication, travel, trading, and study is increased.  Currently many international students are studying in Thailand.  There are 160 schools and universities that offer international programs, and there are more than 20,000 foreign students.  However there are a lot of Thai students going to study abroad.


The development of secondary schools to international standards will reduce the number of Thai students studying abroad.  It is creating acceptance for students in the ASEAN region and other countries to study in Thailand more and more.  As a result, Thailand has become a center of Southeast Asian studies.


In an effort to prepare people for ASEAN community, the Office of the Basic Education Commission has selected Sura Nari Witthaya School as an education hub in the region.

(Cohort 2).  The school provides Science-Mathematics Bilingual Program teaching by foreign teachers with knowledge and experience in teaching.  The program is opened to teach Matthayomsuksa 1 to Matthayomsuksa 3 since 2017 academic year.

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Characteristics of students in the Education Hub Program 

The success indicators by student characteristics consists of 5 aspects (SMART) as follows:


1. S : Study Skills consists of 6 aspects of student characteristics.

            Aspect 1 : Innovation

            Aspect 2 : Communication

            Aspect 3 : Enquiry

            Aspect 4 : Critical Thinking

            Aspect 5 : Resilience

            Aspect 6 : Autonomous Learning


2. M : Morality consists of 4 aspects of student characteristics.


            Aspect 1 : Respect

            Aspect 2 : Gratitude

            Aspect 3 : Discipline

            Aspect 4 : Loyalty


3. A : Attitude consists of 4 aspects of student characteristics.

            Aspect 1 : Positive Thinking

            Aspect 2 : Service-Mindedness

            Aspect 3 : ASEAN Awareness

            Aspect 4 : Global Awareness


4. R : Responsibility consists of 2 aspects of student characteristics.

            Aspect 1 : Cooperation

            Aspect 2 : Accountability



5. T : Technology consists of 2 aspects of student characteristics.

            Aspect 1 : Using Technology Creatively

            Aspect 2 : Developments in Technology

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The Science-Mathematics Bilingual Program improves the quality of education to international standards in order to strengthen being a good quality citizen of the world sustainably.

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Bilingual education management focused on the development of learners with scientific and mathematics potential, including instilling morality and ethics in order to be potential citizen on Thai basis with a quality management system to international standards.



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Sura Nari Witthaya School

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Nakhon Ratchasima 30000 Thailand

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